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Document Management Service Solutions from The Windward Group

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Document Management Service Solutions from The Windward Group

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The Windward Group streamlines business processes as a systems integrator of information management technologies with a special expertise in migrating data from legacy and homegrown systems to the InfoArchive platform from EMC. Learn More

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Syncplicity for Service Bureaus

Syncplicity for Service Bureaus | The Windward Group

When scanning documents for your clients, how do you deliver the document images? Many burn these images to CD or DVD but this can be cumbersome to manage and media can be lost or damaged in transit. Some handle record requests electronically via FTP but this is a non-intuitive process that requires non-standard FTP client software and navigating VPNs and firewalls can be challenging. Syncplicity offers a better way to transfer document images to your clients.

What Is Syncplicity?

Syncplicity from EMC allows you to send large files and replace FTP with no hassles, no limits and no extra steps. Specifically, you can:

  • Securely share video, design, and other heavy files regardless of size
  • Send files without logging into FTP sites or portals
  • Email links instead of files so you can track where they go

Syncplicity also allows you to:

  • Access your files from any computer or device: Syncplicity is like Dropbox for the enterprise by providing seamless and automatic access to documents, files and shared folders with robust security features that make IT very happy
  • Distribute files to a mobile workforce: you can publish files to large groups of people with the assurance that everyone has access to the latest version, no matter what device they use to access it
  • Back up documents with continuous availability: allows you to protect documents in real-time and get back to work quickly should a disruption occur

Syncplicity for Your Customers & You

With EMC Syncplicity, you can share a folder with your customers after scanning, upload everything into it and your customer will get an email alert with an encrypted, password-protected hyperlink for the folder. Getting record requests to your customers faster and with less hassle is a strong customer service move and can help you get paid faster. You may even want to consider using EMC Syncplicity for your own file sharing needs. We use Syncplicity to share files with our document scanning clients - they love it and so do we.

Contact us to request an EMC Syncplicity demo or to learn more

Order Processing Case Study: Furniture Manufacturer

Order Processing Workflow Automation | The Windware Group

With eight manufacturing facilities and 1,250 people employed worldwide including five overseas offices, the country's largest family-owned furniture company reached a tipping point with order processing and turned to The Windward Group for a solution.

Order Processing Challenges

As a global manufacturer, order processing is of the utmost importance. Even though most of their incoming orders arrive digitally via email, their process dictated that the order be printed and manually keyed each time an order is received. After keying, the form is transferred to a manager for cross verification. From there, the paper document is turned over to a scanner operator for entry into their Oracle Stellent document management system. Direct results of the paper intensive workflow process were missing and customer orders were being shipped late. Since their Oracle system lacked auditability, orders could be neglected for months without anyone noticing them.

Workflow Automation with AX

The company needed a content management system that could vastly improve the workflow component of their order processing system. The Windward Group was contracted to deliver Workflow Manager, which is part of the EMC ApplicationXtender (AX) document management platform. The new process allows the company to electronically route orders for entry into their order entry application, Mainframe or 2020 Insight.

Orders enter the process as electronic images (faxes, emails, etc.), or physical paper (global fax machine, USPS, etc.). Once the order forms have been added to the AX system via EMC Captiva, the workflow process will automatically begin. Next the order forms are routed to the order entry group. This group keys orders directly into mainframe from the newly created image where an acknowledgement form is generated. Next it is turned into a pdf and stored with the original order form in AX by Reports Management. Now the company has acknowledgement of order, an original order form, and an audit trail of who processed the order and when it was processed.

On a client-by-client basis, the acknowledgment form is individually faxed, mailed or emailed. This advanced workflow process has cut order processing down from 3-5 days to less than 2.

Contact The Windward Group to learn more or to get started

EMC Products Used

Captiva + Advanced Recognition ApplicationXtender ApplicationXtender Connector
Workflow Manager (AX) Reports Management (AX)

Implementation Team

The Windward Group
Technical Services Department
Professional Services Division
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Contact Us

Document Management Service Solutions from The Windward Group

P: (985) 893-4606

F: (985) 893-0106



By Industry

Education Solutions from The Windward Group


The Windward Group has been supporting Independent School Districts, School Boards, Colleges and Universities since 2002. These institutions have employed our document conversion services for a variety of reasons:

  • Security - Digital files, like their microfilm counterparts, are easily duplicated for offsite storage and backup. The possibility of loss due to water damage, fire, theft, or other perils is eliminated.
  • Reduction in Staff - Search time is dramatically reduced and re-filing is eliminated.
  • Space Savings - The area required for file cabinets and their associated aisle space can be recovered for more efficient use.
  • Student Transcripts - Requests for copies of Transcripts are a never ending task that every Registrar must meet promptly and accurately. Indexing of those type records must be performed with strict attention to personal identification. Security is of paramont importance as a result of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Student Information Systems - The Windward Group has extensive experience in directly integrating Banner SIS with an automated sub-capture software and hardware solution. Our custom integration facilitates the efficient capture of student information into Banner SIS thus eliminating current and future backlog of hard copy documents.
  • Library - The Windward Group has performed scanning services for numerous collegiate, public and speciality libraries. Our services include the scanning of rare hardbound books, special collections, digitization of microfilm collections and photo scrapbooks.
  • Alumni Donor Files - These vital files are frequently accessed by the institutions, associates and volunteers. It is important for the institutions to have immediate controlled access to these files for their endowment campaigns and other fund raising programs.

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To help organizations address critical business challenges, the EMC Engineering, Plant, and Facilities Management (EPFM) solution helps to optimize engineering and construction projects and improve plant operation and maintenance while ensuring EHS regulatory compliance.

During the six-phase lifecycle of a plant—feasibility, design, construction, operations, renewal, and decommission—individuals and internal and external organizations involved in the various lifecycle phases share significant content and processes. As a result, project owners face critical issues like information loss between project phases that delays completion and increases overall project cost.

In addition, managing multiple—and often custom—systems that aren't well integrated increases IT costs. The risks and costs associated with EHS noncompliance are unacceptably high. Finally, the potential of a plant’s catastrophic event due to wrong or out-of-date information such as standard operating procedures (SOPs) or as-builts being accessed.

Based on EMC Documentum, our EPFM solution reduces the risk of plant shutdown and downtime and ensures successful project completion. It provides secure, efficient access to "as-built" engineering drawings enterprise-wide as well as across enterprise boundaries. This streamlines the business processes that rely upon efficient access to engineering content.

The EPFM solution also reduces user training and deployment costs, and enables interoperability between other applications in the maintenance and project scheduling areas.

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Government Client Solutions from The Windward Group


The Windward Group has provided electronic document management services to hundreds of governmental agencies and departments.

We realize that most records are historical and delicate and often have infinite retention periods. We are particularly sensitive to the historical and fragile nature of such documents and utilize special handling procedures to insure such records are not damaged during the conversion process. We also perform repairs to capture 100% of the available information when dealing with torn or damaged records. In addition to paper records, we specialize in the digital conversion of data previously converted to Microfilm and Microfiche.

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A phenomenal amount of paper accumulates with the ongoing maintenance of patient information. Each patient encounter results in new notes, labs, progress reports, nurses notes, and other documents.

As medical files grow, the physical space required to maintain these files remains the same. Costs continue to increase and chart maintenance becomes more difficult for Health Information Management staff to manage and update.

Additionally, Healthcare organizations are being forced to implement Electronic Medical Records (EMR). They are being challenged to integrate current and historic patient information into these systems. The addition of EMR will introduce another layer that will further fragment patient information across the organization and decrease service quality.

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By Department

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable (AP) is one of the most paper-intensive areas within your organization. Despite accounting/ERP system efficiencies and efforts to implement electronic invoicing, the volume of paper invoices remains significant.

Manual invoice processing extends cycle times and increases the risk of errors, and the invoice process can often touch individuals across widely distributed environments—creating costly and time-consuming invoice approval and payment authorizations.

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Accounts Recievable

With today's accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, customer invoicing is largely electronic though correspondence and payments largely are not.

How can we ensure that email, paper letters/notes, shipping documentation, and remittances are all captured and integrated with your accounting/ERP system?

The Windward Group offers a variety of services and solutions to ensure that your accounts receivable function is paperless and streamlined with a combination of email management, document capture, document management, and integration services.

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Human Resources

In most organizations, the human resources (HR) department is challenged to efficiently manage sensitive processes. Paper is ever present and ever difficult to manage..

The Windward Group helps to get rid of the paper and drives efficiency in all HR processes, so that you can:

  • Reduce operating costs by automating manual tasks to capture, organize, and deliver resumes, applications, legal contracts, and other business-critical information
  • Retrieve information via popular Microsoft Office desktop applications, including SharePoint, to enhance the quality of decisions, increase customer service levels, and improve productivity
  • Use Windows-based tools to centrally configure and manage application resources such as templates and repository parameters, storage devices, and business rules
  • Leverage advanced workflow capabilities to improve process efficiency
  • Minimize risk by having complete control over access and security
  • Sleep soundly at night

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To minimize risk, organizations need to make sure contracts are created efficiently and thoroughly, are instantly accessible by the click of a mouse in the discovery process, and are never lost or damaged due to a disaster or otherwise.

To achieve this, The Windward Group offers workflow automation solutions that can help manage the process of writing and reviewing contracts, and can alert you when contracts are coming up for renewal.

Our document management solutions also ensure that only the right people have secure and instant access, that all contracts versions are maintained and that all correspondence and other documentation relating to each version of the contract is also retained and available.

Lastly, to help you get rid of the paper, we offer document scanning services as well as off-site records storage if the originals need to be kept.

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With our large and wide format document scanning capabilities, we can digitize all of your drawings along with engineering change orders (ECOs) and all of your other engineering and business documentation.

The resulting electronic documents can be made available in your current document management system or we can implement on-site software or a cloud-based document management system, the latter of which will allow you to retrieve any engineering document, anywhere and anytime. We can also help you streamline the ECO process with workflow automation.

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