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The Windward Group streamlines business processes as a systems integrator of information management technologies with a special expertise in migrating data from legacy and homegrown systems to the InfoArchive platform from EMC. Learn More

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How to Enable Big Data Analytics for Medical Research with Structured & Unstructured Archival for EMR

How to Enable Big Data Analytics for Medical Research with EMC InfoArchive | The Windward Group

Archiving for Revenue, Cost Containment, Not Just Compliance

EMR systems like Epic have revolutionized the way medical information is captured and accessed by healthcare professionals, but there's a big problem: data is often purged from production EMR systems to maintain optimal efficiency of expensive Tier-1 storage. With today's big data analytical tools, data has tremendous value and now there is a solution for retaining structured records along with all associated unstructured data, such as radiographs, registration forms, ABNs, and even dictation audio encapsulated/embedded with the EMR records, while keeping systems functioning at their peak efficiency.

Why Does Structured Data Need to Be Purged from EMR Systems?

As data storage requirements grow, EMR systems can lose acceptable responsiveness, causing frustration for users and creating system instability. Compliance documentation, which may be in unstructured formats such as PDF reports, needs to be maintained and ideally stored as a single entity with the data itself. Storing unstructured data inside of the production database can result in bloat, while linking to external storage areas loses integrated referential integrity checking.

How to Maintain Both Structured & Unstructured Data with an EMR System?

Hospitals can now keep all structured data and unstructured data, documents and media with third-party archival software, such as InfoArchive from EMC. InfoArchive integrates seamlessly with Epic and other EMR systems so that all data is accessible through the EMR interface in a transparent manner to EMR users.

Why Not Use the EMR System's Archiving Module?

Since these modules are part of the EMR system's infrastructure, too much data will bog down the system and create instability. Most EMR systems only archive for compliance reasons and not with archiving for research in mind. For example, a report may be held to meet some compliance need, but the data that generated that report is lost after the final report is archived. This eliminates the ability to run different report types on the same data. Thus, a separate archive is needed to avoid this problem, and software like Epic already allows you to link to external archives.

Why Not Just Purge the Unstructured Documents?

If a hospital is found to be out of compliance because they are missing any part of the medical record, CMS can remove accreditation, resulting in loss of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, often resulting in the closure of the facility or costly remediation and re-accreditation efforts. Additionally, the legal risks of not being able to produce documents to the court are significant.

What Is the Value of Maintaining an Archive of Structured Medical Data?

It's called "Big Data" not simply because of its sheer massive scale, but also the variety and complex nature. To be useful, "Big Data" in healthcare needs to be complete, and timely. The right data to the right provider at the right time a key component. This helps to identify clinically important trends and interactions that lead to more effective patient outcomes. Organizations are joining forces inside and outside a particular system to put their big data together in a wider, more encompassing perspective to monetize the data's value such as through clinical trials.

Never Purge Valuable Medical Data Again

Especially if you already have an EMR system, you can now retain all structured and unstructured medical data without having to worry about system limitations and stability. Implementation of an archive like EMC InfoArchive that is integrated with your EMR can lead to a new chapter in your medical research capabilities. This archive can also be a repository for any other legacy systems like PACS that you may want to move away from.

Contact us to learn more about structured and unstructured medical data archival

Syncplicity for Service Bureaus

Syncplicity for Service Bureaus | The Windward Group

When scanning documents for your clients, how do you deliver the document images? Many burn these images to CD or DVD but this can be cumbersome to manage and media can be lost or damaged in transit. Some handle record requests electronically via FTP but this is a non-intuitive process that requires non-standard FTP client software and navigating VPNs and firewalls can be challenging. Syncplicity offers a better way to transfer document images to your clients.

What Is Syncplicity?

Syncplicity from EMC allows you to send large files and replace FTP with no hassles, no limits and no extra steps. Specifically, you can:

  • Securely share video, design, and other heavy files regardless of size
  • Send files without logging into FTP sites or portals
  • Email links instead of files so you can track where they go

Syncplicity also allows you to:

  • Access your files from any computer or device: Syncplicity is like Dropbox for the enterprise by providing seamless and automatic access to documents, files and shared folders with robust security features that make IT very happy
  • Distribute files to a mobile workforce: you can publish files to large groups of people with the assurance that everyone has access to the latest version, no matter what device they use to access it
  • Back up documents with continuous availability: allows you to protect documents in real-time and get back to work quickly should a disruption occur

Syncplicity for Your Customers & You

With EMC Syncplicity, you can share a folder with your customers after scanning, upload everything into it and your customer will get an email alert with an encrypted, password-protected hyperlink for the folder. Getting record requests to your customers faster and with less hassle is a strong customer service move and can help you get paid faster. You may even want to consider using EMC Syncplicity for your own file sharing needs. We use Syncplicity to share files with our document scanning clients - they love it and so do we.

Contact us to request an EMC Syncplicity demo or to learn more

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Document Management Service Solutions from The Windward Group

P: (985) 893-4606

F: (985) 893-0106


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Government Client SolutionsThe Windward Group has provided electronic document management services to hundreds of governmental agencies and departments. We realize that most records are historical and delicate and often have infinite retention periods. We are particularly sensitive to the historical and fragile nature of such documents and utilize special handling procedures to insure such records are not damaged during the conversion process. We also perform repairs to capture 100% of the available information when dealing with torn or damaged records. In addition to paper records, we specialize in the digital conversion of data previously converted to microfilm and microfiche.

The Windward Group also specializes in conversion services for Large Format Plat Maps and Engineer Drawings. We understand the challenges involved in the conversion of these oversized documents and we can perform color and grayscale scanning of older documents which have been manually annotated throughout the years.

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