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Healthcare Release of Information: ROI+

Full HIPAA Guarantee


ROI+ is the first complete solution that enables Providers to verify Requestors, track fulfillment status, collect all specified content in a digital format, correctly invoice and deliver ROI content through a secure web portal to requesting entities. Web delivery eliminates the burdensome, costly and unsecured tasks of printing, mailing and faxing patient information. ROI+ has streamlined and automated every step necessary to facilitate ROI fulfillment while exceeding all HIPAA compliance requirements. ROI+ keeps a permanent copy of all ROI fulfillment content as well as a detailed audit trail of all fulfillment activities and all associated fees.

No other company provides the fulfillment efficiency, permanent historical view, detailed audit trail and HIPAA compliance that ROI+ brings to our Provider clients.


  • The only solution that guarantees full HIPAA compliance and the highest level of identity theft protection
  • New and highly innovative software service designed specifically to automate Releases of Information (ROI) processing
  • The first and only product that enables providers to leverage maximum revenue recognition from ROI fulfillment activities
  • Stores all ROI fulfillment content In perpetuity to satisfy both legal and audit requirements at no additional cost
  • Single level pricing per ROI transaction event
  • Requires no hardware, software or capital investment
  • Implementation effort begins and ends with availability of an Internet access point


  • Aggregates ROI content into a single digital File
  • ROI content review and categorization tool
  • Easy “File Browse” module to attach EMR/EHR content
  • Activity status tracking for both provider and requester
  • Provider managed Security Administration Module
  • Detailed audit logs for full HIPAA compliance tracking
  • ROI fulfillment notification broadcasting
  • Invoicing, AR collection and payment notation modules

For any Provider the most likely opportunity for a breach of HIPAA compliance will occur during the ROI fulfillment process. ROI is the one State and Federal mandated process that can compromise the privacy of patient medical charts if not done properly.

Few Providers collect all of the fees they are entitled to receive for providing patient information to requesting entities. Many do not fully understand the current ROI fee schedules established by individual State statutes. Even fewer understand the nuances of how to correctly apply ROI fee schedules to each request or which requests are truly billable or non-billable.

Many Providers utilize third party ROI service companies to fulfill their request obligations in order to unburden the office staff from the time and expense performing this important task, and headaches of HIPAA compliance. In exchange, these companies receive most or all of the entitled fees that would have been collected by the Providers, leading to the loss of an important revenue stream.

With the largest repository of digital medical records in the USA and the developer of ROI+, ABT Global – a trusted TWG partner – continues to bring the most HIPAA compliant, technologically advanced document solutions to the Healthcare industry.

Client Testimonial

"Fulfilling requests for patient charts used to take days and even weeks to complete and it was impossible to monitor our procedural effectiveness and compliance. Now that we are utilizing the ROI+ product all requests are now processed within the same day. Central Texas Heart Center has now achieved a huge reduction in the costly and labor intensive process of faxing and mailing documents to requestors while dramatically increasing ROI revenue dollars. The ROI+ activity audit log has afforded us absolute HIPAA compliance in fulfilling requests. Finally, ROI+ provides us with a ready-made solution to meeting Meaningful Use core and menu set requirements for providing electronic information to patients in a secure manner without investing in a patient portal."

– Tom Walker, MHA, CMPE
– Texas Central Heart Center

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