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Data Migration Service

Data Migration Services | The Windward Group

When considering the migration to new document management software, a natural question to ask is, "What do I do with my existing images and data?" Organizations fear that they'll never get their information out of a legacy document management, PACS or other homegrown/legacy system, and have to maintain these systems indefinitely. With The Windward Group's data migration and conversion services, organizations can breathe a sigh of relief.

Complexity & Scale

The effort to convert these images ranges from relatively simple to incredibly complex, depending on their format, the available indexing information and how they are stored. In some cases, the new document management application may have a way to import them. In other cases, complex scripting and other tools may be necessary to create both the data and image files that make importing these documents easy and straightforward. Whatever the case, no project is too large or complex for The Windward Group to successfully migrate your information to your new system.


Let The Windward Group handle your document and data conversion projects. With experience across many different market verticals and most popular ECM (enterprise content management) applications, we have found a way to convert legacy data and image files into easily importable documents for current ECM platforms. Our technology consultants have converted images and data from Hyland OnBase, FileNet, PACS, and a host of other proprietary and legacy applications. Your data and images are safe with us.

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