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Large Format Scanning & Conversion Service

Wide/Large Format Scanning & Conversion | The Windward Group | New Orleans, Louisiana

The Windward Group has many decades of wide and large format document scanning experience. Located just north of New Orleans, we serve clients throughout Louisiana, the Southeast and around the country.

The Large Format Document Scanning Process

Using specialty wide format scanners, we will scan all of your engineering drawings (from A to E size), blueprints, architectural plans, construction drawings, maps, GIS records, large format artwork, and all other legacy wide format paper documents you have. We will convert them into PDF, TIFF or any other digital format you need, and then upload them to your document management software or file server.

Benefits of Large Format Scanning

If the only copy of your important documents are on large format paper, you run the risk of them getting lost, getting damaged by floods or fire and document retrieval can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. By having The Windward Group scan all of your microfilm, you will experience the following benefits:

  • All drawings, plans and maps are instantly accessible: no more hunting through filing cabinets
  • Disaster prevention and business continuity: you need not fear something destroying your information as long as you back up your digital images
  • Instant image retrieval: especially useful during an audit
  • You can reclaim office space from engineering drawing filing cabinets

We have special expertise scanning microfilm for engineering departments, manufacturers, architects, construction companies, utilities, county assessors, land bureaus, and oil & gas energy producers. We can also handle all of your microfilm, microfiche, aperture card, and paper document scanning needs.

New Orleans Document Scanning | The Windward Group

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