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Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) Solutions

In most organizations, the human resources (HR) department is challenged to efficiently manage sensitive processes. Paper is ever present and ever difficult to manage in the recruiting, on-boarding, drug testing, benefits administration, insurance, performance evaluation, credentialing, and off-boarding processes.

The Windward Group helps to get rid of the paper and drives efficiency in all HR processes, so that you can:

  • Reduce operating costs by automating manual tasks to capture, organize, and deliver resumes, applications, legal contracts, and other business-critical information
  • Retrieve information via popular Microsoft Office desktop applications, including SharePoint, to enhance the quality of decisions, increase customer service levels, and improve productivity
  • Use Windows-based tools to centrally configure and manage application resources such as templates and repository parameters, storage devices, and business rules
  • Leverage advanced workflow capabilities to improve process efficiency
  • Minimize risk by having complete control over access and security
  • Sleep soundly at night

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