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The Windward Group has provided electronic document management services to hundreds of governmental agencies and departments. We realize that most records are historical and delicate and often have infinite retention periods. We are particularly sensitive to the historical and fragile nature of such documents and utilize special handling procedures to insure such records are not damaged during the conversion process. We also perform repairs to capture 100% of the available information when dealing with torn or damaged records. In addition to paper records, we specialize in the digital conversion of data previously converted to microfilm and microfiche.

  • Official Public Records
  • Probate Record
  • Criminal Records
  • Civil Records
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Commissioners Minutes

The Windward Group also specializes in conversion services for Large Format Plat Maps and Engineer Drawings. We understand the challenges involved in the conversion of these oversized documents and we can perform color and grayscale scanning of older documents which have been manually annotated throughout the years.

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