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Healthcare Client Solutions

A phenomenal amount of paper accumulates with the ongoing maintenance of patient information. Each patient encounter results in new notes, labs, progress reports, nurses notes, and other documents. As medical files grow, the physical space required to maintain these files remains the same. Costs continue to increase and chart maintenance becomes more difficult for Health Information Management staff to manage and update.

Additionally, Healthcare organizations are being forced to implement Electronic Medical Records (EMR). They are being challenged to integrate current and historic patient information into these systems. The addition of EMR will introduce another layer that will further fragment patient information across the organization and decrease service quality.

The Windward Group provides our Healthcare clients a better way to manage patient information by scanning and converting charts to a digital format. This provides a single repository for your staff to search and utilize to ensure that your hospital maximizes efficiency.

The Windward Group has a proven successful track record in providing the following healthcare services:

  • Scanning both paper and microfilm patient charts
  • Scanning Monitor strips
  • Converting Legacy PACS to other PACS solutions and to Tape
  • Image enablement of existing applications; ERP, HRMS, Facilities Management
  • Automated Workflow Capture Solutions

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