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Document Management Software

Scanning, archiving and securing your corporate records can be a complex process. You want to get the right information into the right hands at the right time while making sure sensitive information stays out of other's hands all the time. With document management software and cloud solutions from EMC at your fingertips, critical information is just a mouse click away.

Document management is a well-recognized vehicle to improve business processes and reduce administrative costs. As a means to eliminate storing paper, document management technologies dispense with the need for filing cabinets resulting in documents being easier to find. In addition, all document management technologies have workflow capabilities, which provide visibility and accountability to paper driven processes. Your staff will no longer spend time looking for the documents and approvals they need to do their job, but, will be able to act on this information, getting more work done in less time. The key to realizing the benefits of these technologies is choosing the right partner to help you make these decisions.

The Windward Group has decades of experience designing and implementing document management solutions across many different customer types to meet their diverse needs. First and foremost, we listen to our clients, and determine the right technology to implement to assure both short term wins and long term goals. Our solutions fit your needs, whether you want to outsource the entire solution or want to purchase the technology and manage it yourself. We can integrate our solutions with your existing line of business applications, enabling your staff to work within the applications they already use. Our solutions simplify accounting, human resource, contract management and many more paper intensive processes.

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