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The Connector for EMC InfoArchive

EMC InfoArchive Connector

Based upon our extensive experience with EMC InfoArchive, The Windward Group has developed The Connector as a tool that painlessly migrates data trapped in unique and proprietary legacy databases into InfoArchive. These legacy systems include both homegrown and 3rd party databases, ERP systems, web apps, and flat files.

The Connector is especially useful for legacy systems that are not being decommissioned right away but are being phased out over a multiyear timeframe.

How the Connector Works: Easy as 1-2-3

  1. A data assessment is performed to identify unique relationships among and across each platform
  2. Data extraction is performed once relationships are established and plugin is compiled
  3. The Connector transforms data and loads it into EMC InfoArchive

Following a data assessment that is performed to identify unique relationships among and across each platform, The Connector extracts data from your legacy systems.

How The Connector Extraction Works

  1. The Windward Group will construct the database structure to be archived through strict database analysis and custom code development
  2. As a byproduct of the database analysis, a platform plugin will be created and loaded to The Connector; each plugin is built to understand the database structure of each platform
  3. Once the plugin is loaded into The Connector, the administrator will be able to connect to each platform that requires archiving
  4. By selecting a platform and entering the database location the administrator will be presented with the first 100 records in the system for review

Following a data assessment and extraction, The Connector transforms and loads data from your legacy systems into EMC InfoArchive.

How The Connector Transform & Load Works

  1. The size and naming of each SIP can be configured under the "Settings" tab
  2. A SIP's default name is a date-time stamp and delivery location for ingestion
  3. The "Audit Reports" tab contains a list of all successful SIPs loaded into InfoArchive. The administrator is able to audit batches loaded into InfoArchive for platform purging requirements


Contact us to learn more about EMC InfoArchive Connector or to get started today