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EMC Captiva

Transform paper from a liability into business advantage by converting your paper, faxes, and other content into application-ready information

EMC Captiva Capture is document capture software that enables organizations to ingest documents and data from paper, electronic files, and other sources, transforming it into digital content and delivering it into content management systems and business processes. By helping businesses reduce manual paper handling steps, Captiva Capture minimizes processing errors, improves data accuracy, and accelerates business processes by making information instantly available in content repositories like EMC Documentum, EMC ApplicationXtender and Microsoft SharePoint.

Captiva Capture Delivers

  • Device Integration: capture documents from hundreds of scanners, multi-function devices, fax, email, and other digital sources
  • Document Identification: increase productivity by automatically identifying scanned documents based on barcodes, patch codes, or separator sheets
  • Data Capture: reduce manual data entry by automatically capturing machine-printed text and bar codes
  • Business system integration – Automatically deliver documents and data into content management systems, workflow processes, and databases
  • Data Validation: set business rules to ensure the accuracy of captured data and to reduce errors
  • High Volume Capture: scale from thousands to millions of document images captured per day
  • Unified Designer: develop, test, and deploy capture projects quickly using the point-and-click setup and configuration


Captiva 7 is the latest release of EMC's intelligent enterprise capture solution. EMC Captiva 7.0 is a best-in-class solution for transforming paper documents, faxes and other content into digital data used by enterprise applications.

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