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The Windward Group streamlines business processes as a systems integrator of information management technologies with a special expertise in migrating data from legacy and homegrown systems to the InfoArchive platform from EMC. Learn More

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Paper Document Estimator

Paper Document Estimator

If you're thinking about scanning your documents and/or sending them to off-site storage, it's useful to quickly estimate how many documents you actually have without having to leaf through them all – this is how you will be charged.

Here's a handy guide to determine how much paper you actually have. These estimates do not include anything that may be holding your documents together, such as paper clips, folders, bindings, etc.

  • Stacks of Paper: 150-180 pages per inch
  • Drawings & Plans (unrolled/unfolded): 125-150 pages per inch
  • 1" Binders: 250-275 pages
  • 2" Binders: 450-480 pages
  • 3" Binders: 650-670 pages
  • 4" Binders: 750-780 pages
  • 5" Binders: 950-1,050 pages
  • Copy Paper Box (17.5" x 9.75" x 11.5"): 1,800-2,200 pages per box
  • Bankers Box (16" x 10" x 12"): 1,800-2,000 pages per box
  • Vertical Filing Cabinet (2-5 drawers): 2,500 pages per drawer
  • Lateral Filing Cabinet (2-4 drawers): 5,000-6,000 pages per drawer
  • Linear Foot (shelving): 1,500 pages per horizontal foot
  • Photographs: 100-125 per inch

Contact us for help estimating your paper and how many documents need to be scanned

HR Use Case for School Districts: Document Scanning & Workflow

HR Use Case for School Districts: Document Scanning & Workflow Automation | The Windward Group

Many school districts have reclaimed space, achieved instant document retrieval and ensure FERPA, FOIA and HIPAA compliance by scanning student records into document management software like EMC ApplicationXtender. Now, school districts can achieve the same benefits and more by applying these document best practices into their Human Resources Department.

HR Document Scanning & Document Management Software

In addition to stopping the paper from getting out of control, expanding this practice into HR allows school districts three advantages for management of employee information:

  • School districts can find both active and inactive employee files on paper or film (a backfile) much faster (seconds vs. hours or days)
  • Incoming adjunct certification is more easily and thoroughly tracked
  • New employee on-boarding is more quickly achieved with less errors and lost documents using workflow automation software (a document management software module)

Workflow Automation for New Employee On-Boarding

During the hiring process for new teachers and staff, workflow automation software combined with document scanning or using e-forms helps you capture all employee information so you can get them set up in payroll and provide the appropriate security access.

Specifically, workflow automation software helps streamline the capture of the following documentation:

  • Employment applications
  • Drivers license copies
  • I-9s and W-9s
  • State tax forms
  • Direct deposit authorizations
  • Healthcare and 401(k) benefits enrollment
  • Policy acknowledgements

Automated Retention Scheduling

Your document management software will also provide the automated retention scheduling so that you keep these documents for as long as you’re legally required to do so, and that they are destroyed when these requirements are fulfilled.

No Document Left Behind

By streamlining the employee on-boarding process and searching for active/inactive employee files and adjunct certifications, you can spend your time on more important things – like running a top school.

Further efficiency gains can also be achieved by exploring:

  • Invoice processing automation: gain visibility into all money owed and pay your bills on time – also starts with scanning and document management software
  • E-forms: eliminate paper at the source and capture signatures and IDs electronically
  • Cloud document management: achieve instant access from anywhere, including mobile devices, more cost-effectively than with software

Contact us to learn more about document scanning & workflow automation for school districts

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Document Management Services & Solutions | The Windward Group


Our Services

The Windward Group offers a wide range of services that enhance business process productivity for any organization. Services include: document scanning, digital archive writing and microfilming, data migration and conversion, and document management implementation for a guaranteed loss prevention solution.

Workflow Automation Software | The Windward Group

Workflow Automation Software

Streamlining processes with workflow automation software dramatically increases productivity, cuts costs and leads to competitive advantage. Return on investment (ROI) often ranges from 300-3,000% with a breakeven in less than a year. The Best Part: management gets the process visibility and metrics they need to make the most effective decisions. The two processes impacted the most by workflow automation software are AP invoice processing and HR on-boarding

AP Invoice Processing Automation

Organizations utilize The Windward Group invoice processing automation solutions to realize the following benefits:

  • Get rid of paper and reclaim office space
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Prevent duplicate payments and lost invoices
  • Capture more early payment discounts and avoid late payment penalties
  • Eliminate document transportation (mail, fax, courier, FedEx)
  • Cut storage costs
  • Provide management visibility into invoice aging and cash flow

HR On-Boarding Automation

Workflow automation software, combined with document scanning or using e-forms, helps you capture all new employee information during the hiring process so you can quickly get them set up in payroll, with benefits and with the appropriate security access.

Learn More

Information Management Services | The Windward Group

Information Management

Scanning, archiving and securing your corporate records can be a complex process. You want to get the right information into the right hands at the right time while making sure sensitive information stays out of other's hands all the time. With document management software and cloud solutions from EMC at your fingertips, critical information is just a mouse click away.

Document Management is a well-recognized vehicle to improve business processes and reduce administrative costs. As a means to eliminate storing paper, document management technologies dispense with the need for filing cabinets resulting in documents being easier to find. In addition, all document management technologies have workflow capabilities, which provide visibility and accountability to paper driven processes. Your staff will no longer spend time looking for the documents and approvals they need to do their job, but, will be able to act on this information, getting more work done in less time. They key to realizing the benefits of these technologies is choosing the right partner to help you make these decisions.

The Windward Group has decades of experience designing and implementing document management solutions across many different customer types to meet their diverse needs. First and foremost, we listen to our clients, and determine the right technology to implement to assure both short term wins and long term goals. Our solutions fit your needs, whether you want to outsource the entire solution or want to purchase the technology and manage it yourself. We can integrate our solutions with your existing line of business applications, enabling your staff to work within the applications they already use. Our solutions simplify accounting, human resource, contract management and many more paper intensive processes.

Learn More

Cloud File Sharing Services | The Windward Group

Cloud File Sharing

Elevate your file management to the only cloud-based file management solution designed to seamlessly allow users to work the way they want.

Users gain flexibility and productivity with automated file sync and backup features, one-click file sharing, and access to files online and offline across multiple devices, platforms and cloud applications.

IT administrators experience enhanced control and protection of corporate data assets, with the ability to set, monitor and manage file access and sharing policies to secure corporate data.

With no hardware required and a one-time set up that happens in minutes, Syncplicity is fully equipped to usher your organization into a new age of file management.

Learn More

Document Scanning & Conversion Services | The Windward Group

Data Conversion

Let The Windward Group handle your document and data conversion projects. With experience across many different market verticals and most popular ECM (enterprise content management) applications, we have found a way to convert legacy data and image files into easily importable documents for current ECM platforms. Our technology consultants have converted images and data from Hyland, FileNet, Documentum, PACS, and a host of other proprietary and legacy applications. Your data and images are safe with us.

Take a moment to look around your office, and ask yourself:

  • How many linear feet do your filing cabinets take up in your office?
  • Do you have to find extra space in your basement, warehouse or equipment shed to accommodate your files?
  • Is your offsite document storage bill bigger than your CEO's salary?
  • Are you spending more money on paper than on performance bonuses?

Scanning these documents can not only help you recover space in your office, but also make these documents easy to find, prevent them from being lost and save you money. Accomplishing this task, though, is not as easy as it sounds, and requires a knowledgeable partner that understands all of the technical and process elements to make it a reality.

The Windward Group has over 50 years of experience helping organizations convert their paper into electronic images. We continuously invest in our equipment to assure that the best technologies are used in the scanning process. Our internal quality assurance processes assure that your electronic images are in the right format to meet your legal and business requirements. Our scanning centers pass the latest security audits, assuring you that your documents are safe. If we need to come to your site to do the scanning, we have the equipment and personnel that you can trust to get the job done quickly and efficiently, minimizing the impact to your office environment.

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