Document & Data Migration: A Whitepaper

Cleaning Up Unstructured Information for the Oil, Gas & Energy Industry
Do you have any of these problems?
  • Your employees can’t access information needed because it’s trapped on paper in warehouses, loosely organized in shared drives/cloud file sharing, or are stuck in legacy/homegrown software
  • Each department manages, accesses and stores their documents differently
  • You’re facing regulatory fines or lawsuits because you can't produce documentation in a timely manner
  • All the knowledge of your legacy/homegrown systems lies with one or only a few people
  • Your paper documents are at risk of being lost or destroyed by a flood, fire or natural disaster because they’re located onsite or in an unsecured facility
These problems can be eliminated when you’re able to share these documents and make well-informed decisions, faster.
This can only be achieved by migrating your electronic documents with whatever metadata/indexing data is associated with it into a structured, searchable environment.
Successfully migrating your documents and data will allow you to recoup millions in productivity, allow your management team to make better decisions and will eliminate numerous headaches.
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