The Windward Group has been supporting Independent School Districts, School Boards, Colleges and Universities since 2002. These institutions have employed our document conversion services for a variety of reasons:
  • Security - Digital files, like their microfilm counterparts, are easily duplicated for offsite storage and backup. The possibility of loss due to water damage, fire, theft, or other perils is eliminated.
  • Reduction in Staff - Search time is dramatically reduced and re-filing is eliminated.
  • Space Savings - The area required for file cabinets and their associated aisle space can be recovered for more efficient use.
  • Student Transcripts - Requests for copies of Transcripts are a never ending task that every Registrar must meet promptly and accurately. Indexing of those type records must be performed with strict attention to personal identification. Security is of paramont importance as a result of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Student Information Systems - The Windward Group has extensive experience in directly integrating Banner SIS with an automated sub-capture software and hardware solution. Our custom integration facilitates the efficient capture of student information into Banner SIS thus eliminating current and future backlog of hard copy documents.
  • Library - The Windward Group has performed scanning services for numerous collegiate, public and speciality libraries. Our services include the scanning of rare hardbound books, special collections, digitization of microfilm collections and photo scrapbooks.
  • Alumni Donor Files - These vital files are frequently accessed by the institutions, associates and volunteers. It is important for the institutions to have immediate controlled access to these files for their endowment campaigns and other fund raising programs.
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