Oil & Gas Document & Data Solutions

Whether it's upstream or downstream, oil and gas companies stand to recoup millions in productivity and re-purposed office space from document and data solutions provided by The Windward Group.

Migration Services

When considering the migration from legacy software to new document management software or the InfoArchive platform from EMC, energy firms are justifiably concerned about how to migrate their documents and unstructured data. The Windward Group excels in successfully migrating your documents and data for a fraction of the cost of using large consulting firms and maintaining legacy systems.
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Document Scanning Service

The Windward Group has over 50 years of scanning invoices, employee files, large format engineering drawings, oil well logs, land records, and just about any other document an energy firm needs scanned. We convert large volumes of paper documents quickly, flawlessly and into PDF, TIFF or any other electronic image format needed.

Workflow Automation Software

Streamlining processes with workflow automation software dramatically increases productivity, cuts costs and leads to competitive advantage. Return on investment (ROI) often ranges from 300-3,000% with a breakeven in less than a year.
The Best Part: management gets the process visibility and metrics they need to make the most effective decisions. The two processes impacted the most by workflow automation software are AP invoice processing and HR on-boarding.
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