Application Modernization

Mindy Rathe
October 20, 2014

One of the latest buzzwords relating to electronic content management (ECM) is "application modernization." What is it and why should you care? Read on...

What Is Application Modernization?

Application modernization is the practice of migrating both structured and unstructured data and content from legacy software and databases to more modern applications. Some call it ETL: extract, transform and load.

To minimize risk of migrating this content, the legacy software is often kept running until the migration has been completed and is operating smoothly for awhile.

How Does Application Modernization Relate to Legacy Data?

With application modernization, you can broaden access to legacy "Big Data," which can then be mined for information. The right data, now accessible to those needing it possibly for the first time, can help to identify important trends and to realize profitable opportunities.

One example is migrating patient information from legacy PACS systems to an electronic medical/healthcare records (EMR/EHR) system like Epic. Old patient information from film images and scanned documents can be used to create a complete history with data collected elsewhere. This allows healthcare practitioners to provide more effective patient care, and can also be useful and potentially monetized for research purposes and clinical trials.

EMC InfoArchive & Application Modernization

Not all legacy structured and unstructured content can be migrated to a new system, but still needs to be accessed and maintained – just not in the old system. How can you do this?

EMC InfoArchive, with migration services provided by The Windward Group, allows you to access all legacy information in a far more efficient and user friendly way. Your structured and unstructured content is converted into XML format and gains new life, liberated from the confines of antiquated software.

What's in a Name?

Some feel that EMC InfoArchive sounds like a legacy system itself. Rather, it's a way for legacy information to live on so that organizations can continue to gain value from it.

Contact us to learn more about legacy data migration and EMC InfoArchive so you can ditch your old legacy system(s) with all its pain and headache but gain the most out of your valuable legacy information.