Choice Partners and The Windward Group: Big Win for Government Entities

Mindy Rathe
November 17, 2014
Choice Partners Contract Holder

The Windward Group was recently awarded a legal contract from Choice Partners to offer digital imaging, archiving and document management technologies. Based in Houston, Texas, Choice Partners offers legal procurement and contract solutions to meet government requirements. This contract allows over 900 Choice Partner members to procure products and services without the classic bidding protocol that a government entity typically goes through during the procurement process. Choice Partners carefully selects vendors so that members are guaranteed the best prices and services available.

As a longtime EMC partner, The Windward Group is particularly excited to offer members EMC's full line of software products and solutions. EMC InfoArchive – EMC's fastest growing software solution – is now available to Choice Partners members. Also, through their recent alliance with Beach Street Consulting, The Windward Group is able to offer a full range of solutions tailored specifically for government entities including Contract Lifecycle Management and many others.

Although the bulk of Choice Partner members are located in Texas, the contract allows new members to sign up from anywhere in the United States with a few clicks. Colleges, counties, municipalities, school districts, and other governmental agencies gain access to quality contracts and vendors instantly.

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