Electronic Document Routing vs. Complex Workflow Deployments

Mindy Rathe
August 6, 2012

Remember when email first emerged as a business tool? People would still call you up and ask, "Did you see the email that I sent you?" They didn't trust that the system worked properly. Now, email is the primary tool for communicating ideas between parties. Everyone trusts that it works, and that you can communicate your ideas efficiently. While you can't control if someone read the email, you know that it arrived and you can get proof of its arrival.

Document capture, forms processing and information routing technologies have similar adoption characteristics. Once users see that documents get routed and approved efficiently, they trust the system and embrace its efficiencies. Capture technologies like Captiva InputAccel and electronic forms from Formatta further simplify the process by providing a standard means to get information into an approval process.

Like email, electronic document routing technologies are very stable and reliable, and very easy to deploy. From simple routing, like approving a vacation request, to somewhat more complex actions, like managing an exception invoice, document routing technologies have simplified the actions once requiring paper and physical signatures. The best part: this can be done quickly and cost-effectively with solutions from The Windward Group that do not require paying consultants to sit onsite for years only to deploy a workflow system so complex that it never works properly.

Old Paper Process vs. Electronic Routing

  • Spending money on overnight mail for signatures on a document
  • Calling to ask "did you get my document"
  • Inability to track where a document is in the process
  • Approve documents instantly wherever you are, including from mobile devices
  • Electronic transaction history and verification
  • Immediate visibility into the state of a given transaction
  • Electronic document routing provides a consistent means to manage your business activities. It frees your organization from having to wait for documents and allows them to focus efforts to improve their business processes. With decades of experience with these technologies, The Windward Group enables you to realize quick wins and almost immediate process gains without the expense of more complex workflow deployments.

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