Five Unusual Reasons to Go Paperless

Mindy Rathe
November 12, 2012

Every organization that we engage has specific reasons for beginning the document management journey. Though we pride ourselves on our extensive experience, partnerships with industry leaders and winning personalities, here are some lesser known reasons our clients deploy document management software.

A Paperless Office Is Like a Paperless Bathroom: It Will Never Happen

The only way to truly go paperless is to throw out all of your printers, copiers and fax machines. And even if you do, many of your customers, suppliers and partners won't and the IRS still requires receipts and other paper documents. Digital signatures may not have made their way to some of your customers or partners, and they insist on actually signing that contract. There is nothing that you can do about it. Document management allows you to deal with the inevitable paper that inhabits your world.

Extra Cash for Filing Cabinets

You may not get rid of all your paper, but you can get rid of a lot
of it. Have you seen the price for recycled metal? By getting rid of
your paper filing cabinets, you can send them to the recycler for some
extra cash.

Lower Workman's Compensation Rates

Since you will no longer have to lift heavy boxes of paper only to
have them throw out your back and land on your feet, combined with the
risk of paper cuts plummeting, your workman's compensation charges are
sure to plummet.

Less Angry Birds, More Mobile Device Productivity

In many instances, the document management solution will allow your
staff the ability to approve purchase orders and invoices, review
applications, see and make contract edits, and perform other workflow activities on their iPad, iPhone, Android, or other mobile device. This
means there will be fewer Angry Birds and more happy managers, thanks to better
and faster decision-making.


Humor aside, each scenario above has an element of truth that can
make a big difference in your organization. Let us know if you need help
with justifying a document management solution, whether it be
traditional or not... We would love to hear some of your stories!

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