Get Back in the Saddle: Document Management Consolidation, Simplified

Mindy Rathe
August 17, 2012

As organizations grow, they often become saddled with complex, legacy document management software that each was implemented to solve a different problem. One system is used manage human resources, another to automate accounts payable and yet another to manage the new account on-boarding process—and that's down the hall from each other in one business unit... All of this leads to silos of information, inefficiency and a handicap for decision-making.

Additionally, the costs to maintain these individual systems can be onerous. Annual software maintenance and ongoing professional services can rival the national debt of Greece. For most organizations in this situation, migrating to a single document management application makes a lot of dollars and sense.

Yes, We Need to Migrate Our Information: Now What?

Once you've decided to consolidate these systems, the question becomes how to migrate the information trapped within them. Document images exist in different formats, there is no way to simply export the information and the associated back-end IT infrastructure needs to be consolidated. Your IT staff may have experience with Microsoft and tier 1 applications but not with migrating documents out of applications like Hummingbird (OpenText), FileNet, Hyland OnBase, Laserfiche, Paperclip, Digitech PaperVision, Alchemy, IBM Content Manager, Oracle Stellent, Canofile, and just about any other proprietary document management systems. Migrating document images from media like microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards as well as from optical jukeboxes and platters present additional challenges.

You Need an Experienced Hand

To effectively and efficiently consolidate multiple document management systems, you need an experienced technology partner that has extensive experience with the systems listed above or whatever else you have in place. The Windward Group has this experience. We've helped numerous organizations migrate document images, data and workflow processes from one system to another.

We can also help organizations that need to migrate to a document management system from using MFPs to scan to email or a Microsoft file structure in order to take advantage of full-text search, version control and multi-user, browser-based access—the hallmark benefits of document management.

We've found many programs to be ideal tool of choice for these applications. 

Consolidate & Dominate

As a result, consolidating document management throughout your organization can create permanent cost reductions in your operations and IT infrastructure. Let The Windward Group show you how so that you more ultimately achieve competitive advantage in your industry.

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