GRIDS, Inc. Has Been Acquired

Mindy Rathe
June 25, 2015

Benny Garrard, President of GRIDS, Inc., announced today that GRIDS, Inc. has been acquired by Grids Information

Technologies, LLC.  GRIDS Inc., founded in the early 90s, is a Lafayette based company that over the years has helped Louisiana Clerks of Court and other Courthouse officials maintain state-of-the-art software used to manage courthouse information systems including land records, criminal & civil case dockets, and elections information.  Mr. Garrard will remain active in the new company and lead the ongoing software development effort which will be based in Lafayette, Louisiana.

GRIDS Information Technologies, LLC is announcing they are partnering with another well-known company in Louisiana courthouses; The Windward Group, LLC. The alignment of the two companies results from the fact that GRIDS and Windward have worked together on numerous projects over the years. Mr. Garrard praises the capabilities of The Windward Group and Windward' strong reputation for providing quality services and competitive prices to Clerks of Court across the state.  Windward provides scanning and indexing services while GRIDS provides the software that allows users to search records, manage courtroom dockets, and perform various administrative functions common to government agencies.  With constantly changing technology and electronic data becoming the norm, planned enhancements to the GRIDS software will complement services offered by Windward; broadening the technological base of the local government agencies. The alignment of the two companies is natural and is expected to yield greater value and improved performance of the companies' offerings.

The Windward Group provides a wide range of services associated with courthouse records which includes document scanning, image indexing, archival microfilm, record binders and record storage solutions  Their legacy goes back over 40 years. The Windward staff has decades of experience in providing services to government and private sector clients.  The company has won awards from the international software developer—EMC, one of the largest technologies in the world.  The owner of The Windward Group, Robert J. Rathe, Jr., is an industry leader and he recognizes the need for state of the art software and systems to manage the records that his company digitizes for the Clerks of Court in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Rathe claims, "Benny has spent a lifetime developing some of the best case management software available.  Windward excels in the electronic world of data management.  The GRIDS software is going to make all of the stake holders more efficient and productive." Rathe says "Benny's conceptualization of data processing, integrated with the latest technology, will Revolutionize the Software used in Louisiana Courthouses. We're proud to be given the opportunity to work with someone as talented as Benny and we look forward to delivering our customers improved services at more competitive prices."

According to Rathe, as the New Grids begins its work in enhancing its proven software products, The Windward Group plans to adjust its processes to accommodate future innovations in the Grids suite of courthouse solutions.

The Windward Group specializes in record indexing, image scanning, software deployment, and data management.  The company was founded in 2002 and primarily services local Government in Louisiana & Mississippi as well as providing IT services and consulting to the Oil and Gas industry across the United States helping companies manage their complex data streams.