Microsoft Office & EMC ApplicationXtender: A Match Made for Productivity

Mindy Rathe
December 6, 2012
Microsoft Office

Microsoft continues to dominate the market with office productivity applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. With EMC ApplicationXtender (AX), knowledge workers now have direct access to electronic documents managed by AX directly within the Microsoft Office Business Application (OBA) suite, further improving efficiency.

Work Within What You Know

One of the many reasons that organizations choose the Microsoft OBA suite is its ease of use, which is a result of its intuitiveness and widespread familiarity. The AX OBA plug-in enables your staff to work within Outlook, Word and Excel to both access content and easily store email and attachments. The OBA integration eliminates the need to switch between applications to retrieve or store documents your staff needs as a part of any business process. The OBA integration uses the now familiar ribbon interface to retrieve documents. Users can also respond to workflow requests within Outlook. It also simplifies storing messages and attachments into your system, simplifying compliance that involves approvals that may come via email. With Microsoft ClickOnce technology, deployment is easy and efficient.

Before & After Example One: Find an Invoice

One of your customers has asked your customer service staff to find an invoice that was sent to them. A copy of the invoice is stored within your document management system. Below are two examples of how to retrieve the invoice, one with the OBA Integration and one without it.

  • Without OBA: The customer service rep minimizes Outlook, and initiates AX to find the document. They cut and paste the invoice information from the email into the AX custom query, and search for the document. Upon easily finding it, they save the document to their desktop (which is littered with saved invoices from previous queries), and must remember the document name for retrieval. They return to the email, click Attach, and must find the invoice that they saved. They attach the invoice and send it to the customer.
  • With OBA: The customer service rep initiates the search within Outlook and easily finds the document. They attach it directly from the document management system, and click Send.

Before & After Example Two: Save an Email & Attachment

EMC ApplicationXtender

You have received an email from a customer approving the changes to a document, and must now save the approval email and its associated attachment into AX for compliance purposes.

  • Without OBA: There are two actions that must take place: save the email message and save the attachment. First, you save the email to your hard drive. Next you save the attachment to your hard drive. You now turn on your AX application, and browse to the email message to index and import the message to your AX system. Finally, you browse to the email attachment and import the attachment to your AX system.
  • With OBA: You initiate the Save function within the AX OBA integration, select the document type for the message and index it. Next you select the document type for the attachment, and save and index it.

Before & After Example Three: Vacation Request

You have received an employee request for vacation via email.

  • Without OBA: You exit your Microsoft Outlook application and turn on AX. You find the vacation request workflow, look for the request and click the appropriate response.
  • With OBA: You respond to the request from within Outlook.

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