Oil and Gas: Going Digital wth ECM Across the Entire Organization

Mindy Rathe
November 16, 2012

Energy production has many different business processes that can benefit from a document management system that is tailored to industry requirements. To be sure, just about any larger organization can benefit from reduced administrative fees that enterprise content management (ECM) addresses. The benefits of document management (DM) are well documented, so what about ensuring all information—especially those on large format documents—is captured to feed your DM system, and that workflow leverages your DM investment for maximum productivity, profitability and competitive advantage gains.

When considering the capture and workflow needs and benefits for an oil and gas company, it's useful to break them down by looking at this industry as a combination of several different industries, each of which has its own set of challenges:

  • Real Estate: managing the transaction of land where energy exists
  • Construction: building rigs, installing drills and assembling other equipment to extract energy
  • Manufacturing: maintaining equipment used to extract energy in the field and in refineries
  • Logistics: transporting energy for processing, then distribution

Below is how two ECM technologies, wide format scanning and workflow,
can be deployed across many of the different aspects of a typical
energy company.

Large Format Scanning

Wide format scanners transform large physical drawings into
electronic files. The largest drawings are usually 48" x 36", but can
range from 24" to 54" wide. These documents don't fit through standard
paper scanners (limited to 12" wide), but contain critical information
that needs to be scanned.

Here is a short list of where this technology can be used:

  • Real Estate: land maps used for Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Construction: building plans from architects that are needed by sub-contractors
  • Manufacturing: engineering drawings for capital equipment maintenance and insurance

Workflow Automation Software

Workflow is defined as the ability to automatically and
electronically route documents or information so that knowledge workers
can approve documents like purchase orders and invoices and, in general,
make effective decisions quickly based on the information contained in
these documents.

Workflow can be used in the following areas:

  • getting approvals for any particular contract
       or document that must be signed before the sale or purchase of a piece
       of land (i.e. contract management)
  • electronically matching shipment information
       with the signed manifests or proof of delivery required for invoicing
       and customer service
  • Manufacturing: managing work orders and change requests

Every Journey Begins with the First Step

Even beyond document management software, wide format scanning and
workflow can be applied across oil and gas companies to leverage their
ECM investments for maximum gains. However, before worrying about making
a massive investment with a complex implementation, most companies
simply start in one department, then another, and another, and it all
starts with a complimentary demo from The Windward Group.

Contact us for more information on wide format scanning and workflow technologies