Order Processing Case Study: Furniture Manufacturer

Mindy Rathe
June 30, 2014

With eight manufacturing facilities and 1,250 people employed worldwide including five overseas offices, the country's largest family-owned furniture company reached a tipping point with order processing and turned to The Windward Group for a solution.

Order Processing Challenges

As a global manufacturer, order processing is of the utmost importance. Even though most of their incoming orders arrive digitally via email, their process dictated that the order be printed and manually keyed each time an order is received. After keying, the form is transferred to a manager for cross verification. From there, the paper document is turned over to a scanner operator for entry into their Oracle Stellent document management system. Direct results of the paper intensive workflow process were missing and customer orders were being shipped late. Since their Oracle system lacked auditability, orders could be neglected for months without anyone noticing them.

Workflow Automation

The company needed a content management system that could vastly improve the workflow component of their order processing system. The Windward Group was contracted to deliver a work-flow manager software. The new process allows the company to electronically route orders for entry into their order entry application, Mainframe or 2020 Insight.

Orders enter the process as electronic images (faxes, emails, etc.), or physical paper (global fax machine, USPS, etc.). Once the order forms have been added to the system via scanning, the workflow process will automatically begin. Next the order forms are routed to the order entry group. This group keys orders directly into mainframe from the newly created image where an acknowledgement form is generated. Next it is turned into a pdf and stored with the original order form in the system by Reports Management. Now the company has acknowledgement of order, an original order form, and an audit trail of who processed the order and when it was processed.

On a client-by-client basis, the acknowledgment form is individually faxed, mailed or emailed. This advanced workflow process has cut order processing down from 3-5 days to less than 2.

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