Streamlining Patient Care with Document Management

Mindy Rathe
December 30, 2013

To make effective care decisions and to provide measurable, quality medical care, healthcare professionals must increasingly process and manage a variety of data and information sources. While your EMR system can manage electronic patient records effectively, what about all of those paper charts and medical records, as well as the following:

   Diagnostic test results

  • Admission documents/questionnaires


  • Healthcare claims forms


  • Medication lists

  • The Diagnosis: Acute Paper Pain

    Practitioners and the IT staff need access to these documents for litigation, billing and eDiscovery purposes, as well as to speed time to care for patients. Managing paper records is inefficient, time consuming, expensive, and records get misplaced or lost.

    More importantly, many healthcare organizations and departments are geographically dispersed, which warrants the creation of an electronic record system, where patient information can be shared securely amongst departments in a matter of minutes. What is the best way to gain instant access to this documentation, electronically?

    The Treatment: Document Management

    With document management software, healthcare organizations can capture, organize, route, deliver, and archive business-critical information such as patient records and healthcare claims forms. We have access to programs that are easy to implement, integrate, and manage, providing instant, role-based access to content from either a desktop interface or web browser. In fact, our document management solutions for mid-size organizations and departments are award winning.

    The Prescription: Help from The Windward Group

    The Windward Group has deep expertise implementing document management for hospitals with software like EMC ApplicationXtender, among others, so that you can experience:

    • High speed integrated capture, imaging, enterprise report management, and workflow for electronic health records and claims forms
    • Powerful document capture options with zonal optional character recognition, batch indexing and barcode support to digitize paper trails
    • Direct access to stored documents, reports and information from virtually any desktop application or web browser to facilitate easy, cross-functional information sharing
    • Integration with archival storage systems like EMC Centera for cost-effective retention, protection and disposition of fixed content

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    If you have a large backfile of patient records or back-office administrative documents, The Windward Group can scan and upload them into your document management system quickly and cost-effectively. We can also migrate data trapped in legacy PACS and other systems into any document management system. Just let us know what we can do for you.

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