Book Scanning Service

You're running out of storage space. Indiana Jones couldn't find that old book you published on patent law. You cross your fingers when the pipes burst or the building next door catches fire. Years of printed information, gone for good. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you knew it was forever safe and available at your fingertips?

Scanning Experience

For the past 50 years, the Windward Group has been a trusted name in document scanning services. Hospitals, schools, courts – they all rely on us to keep their information safe and accessible. We've got extensive experience scanning all types of bound books and related materials so that you can. Best of all, we offer onsite services, eliminating the need for costly transportation of your book and other printed material.
We use specialized book scanners that take into account the notebook's curvature and incorporate image enhancement to provide a clean image right off the scanner, without having to cut off bindings. We provide digital images in searchable PDFs or editable Word documents and can make them available in document management software or the cloud.

Liberate Valuable Information

The Windward Group can scan all manner of printed materials, including:
  • Lab Notebooks
  • Magazines
  • Library Books
  • Religious Books
  • Medical Books
  • Engineering Notebooks
  • Journals
  • Novels
  • Drawings
  • Legal Books

Book Scanning Benefits

  • Historical Preservation: digitizing books creates a backup copy, ensuring survival of your information
  • Accessibility: a library's worth of information at your command without having to leave your desk
  • Compliance: ensure that information is readily available in the event of an audit or a subpoena, and that you meet state and federal regulations, e.g., FDA, HIPAA
  • Storage: free up space for other uses
  • Security: Keep your confidential information safe from unauthorized individuals
The Windward Group offers both onsite and offsite book scanning services that get the job done quickly while minimizing the impact to your working environment. We continuously invest in state-of-the-art scanning equipment and our internal quality assurance processes ensure that your electronic images meet your legal and business requirements.
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