Digital Archive Writing

Regulatory bodies require long-term document storage of microfilm. In the case of a massive disaster, microfilmed images can be read without the need for any special viewers or technology—all you really need is a flashlight. Documents stored on microfilm include vital records, such as birth, death and marriage certificates, legal records, case files, recorded deeds, mortgages, and adoption records. Organizations may choose to microfilm critical documents for their own disaster recovery capabilities as well.

Microfilming Experience

The Windward Group has provided microfilm creation and storage services for decades for clients in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and around the nation. We use state-of-the-art technology to efficiently convert your digital images to permanent archival microfilm. We have experience with just about all file formats, and can convert them to microfilm. If your documents originate as paper, we can scan them and create both a digital and microfilm copy.
Once created, we utilize climate controlled vaults for storing your film at appropriate temperature and humidity requirements for maximum media life. If your records are old or damaged, we can convert them to new media, preserving them for long term storage. We can even create backup copies from your existing storage facilities for the ultimate disaster recovery plan.
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