Employee File & HR Scanning

The legal burden of retaining employee files and HR paperwork has grown exponentially. Today's compliant employer is expected to produce documentation, even decades later, in a moment's notice upon demand. How quickly can you find employee records when needed?
By utilizing The Windward Group's onsite or offsite document scanning service and 50 years of experience, we can digitize all of your employee files that need to be retained, store what needs to be retained in hardcopy offsite and destroy the rest.

HR Document Retention Requirements

Retention guidelines vary by state and laws are revamped frequently, but a general outline is as follows:
  • 1-Year Retention: State new hire reports*
  • 2-Year Retention: Employer information report EEO-1*
  • 3- Year Retention: Resumes, applications and interview records for rejected job candidates; I-9s, FMLA and leave of absence records**, USRA records*, Annual Affirmative Action Plans (after the close of AAP year)
  • 4-Year Retention:: Resumes**, application**, interview notes and attendance record for hires**, compensation, job history, time-keeping records, performance reviews and disciplinary action, tax reports for both federal and state filing*
  • 5- Year Retention: Background checks**, drug screening results**, driving records**, employment verification**, letters of reference and correspondence**, wage-hour investigations by DOL, any record of employer-employee dispute involving external parties, EEOC charges, arbitration, court judgments, OSHA filing and employee safety records**
  • 6-Year Retention: Benefits records*, Form 5500*
  • 7- Year Retention: Wage garnishments, employee contracts
  • 10-30 Year Retention: Worker’s compensation claims
  • 30 Year-Retention: Employee medical records**30 Year-Retention: Employee medical records**
  • Permanent Retention: Payroll records, Paycheck stubs, Pension documentation
* From filing date **From termination
Failure to produce any of this documentation upon request raises a red flag for auditors and scanning offers permanence without necessitating an extra office building.

Secure Document Management

Once your employee files are scanned and properly indexed, the digital files need to be accessible for HR, managers and auditors, and safe from unauthorized access. Document management software offers the most secure access control (especially in the cloud) than shared drives or cloud file sharing software. We can also integrate document management software with your HRIS, HRMS or HCM system so that your team can access any scanned document through that interface.

Workflow Automation Software

Workflow automation is a document management software module that streamlines the capture, review and approval of all HR documents, such as those in the hiring, benefits enrollment, employee review, and credentialing processes – including having a checklist function that ensures all documents needed are captured within the right timeframe.
And, if you want to avoid paper in the first place, we can incorporate e-forms and electronic signature capture into your workflow process.
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