Film Processing and Duplication

After we archive your digital documents on our Archive Writers, we process the 16 mm film in our very own microfilm processing lab. We also have the capability to process 35 mm source document film. If you require duplicates of your master rolls, we can do that too; either silver or diazo for both 16 mm and 35 mm.
Prices start as low as $.015 per image for digital archival film. Contact us for pricing.

Microfilming Experience

We can help you through the whole process of assessing your data needs, scanning your documents, populating your database with the images, archiving the images to film for long-term storage, processing that film at our office and then storing it underground or on-site in our storage facilities.
The Windward Group has provided microfilm creation and storage services for decades for clients in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and around the nation. We use state-of-the-art technology to efficiently convert your digital images to permanent archival microfilm. We have experience with just about all file formats, and can convert them to microfilm. If your documents originate as paper, we can scan them and create both a digital and microfilm copy.
Contact us to learn more about our digital archive software or to get started today