Underground Storage

Our underground storage facility offers the maximum-possible security for sensitive media, critical data, important records, and vital assets. Your information is secured from prying eyes and the environment actually helps extend the life of your media.

Salt & Limestone Mine Options

Our premiere salt mine facility offers unrivaled protection. Housed within rock salt walls that are 400-foot and located 650 feet below sea level, and accessible only by freight elevator, it's one of the largest and most secure storage facilities in the world. Two additional limestone mine facilities offer drive-up dock access, proximity to larger cities and refrigerated storage.
The best part: our facilities are virtually impervious to natural and man-made disaster. The atmosphere is cool, dry, and stable. Though your items may be stored many miles away from your office, we ensure fast and secure access to your media and documents.
When disaster strikes, you'll never need to worry if your assets are safe.
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