Workflow Automation Software

Streamlining processes with workflow automation software dramatically increases productivity, cuts costs and leads to competitive advantage. Return on investment (ROI) often ranges from 300-3,000% with a break-even in less than a year. The Best Part: management gets the process visibility and metrics they need to make the most effective decisions. The two processes impacted the most by workflow automation software are AP invoice processing and HR on-boarding

AP Invoice Processing Automation

Organizations utilize The Windward Group invoice processing automation solutions to realize the following benefits:
  • Get rid of paper and reclaim office space
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Prevent duplicate payments and lost invoices
  • Capture more early payment discounts and avoid late payment penalties
  • Eliminate document transportation (mail, fax, courier, FedEx)
  • Cut storage costs
  • Provide management visibility into invoice aging and cash flow

HR On-Boarding Automation

Workflow automation software, combined with document scanning or using e-forms, helps you capture all new employee information during the hiring process so you can quickly get them set up in payroll, with benefits and with the appropriate security access.
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